About Us

sebo2Thibologa is a Tswana word meaning “unblocked” or “to open”. The concept of creating a South African Sign Language institution evolved when it became apparent that deaf and hearing people are unable to work together easily due to a lack of communication and understanding.

Thibologa aims to “unblock” the problem by improving the communication methods between deaf and hearing people through the provision of South African Sign Language training and interpretation services making the use of information and communication technology. Thibologa Sign Language Training Institute (TSLI) was established as a closed corporation on 23 August 2005.

TSLI’s vision is to change the lives of Deaf people in South Africa by enabling the effective communication between Deaf and hearing people through the use of South African Sign Language. TSLI’s mission is to incorporate South African Sign Language into South Africa’s portfolio of official languages. This will be achieved by providing South African Sign Language learning and services through the effective use of information and communication technology. TSLI will offer online South African Sign Language and sign writing training and services, interpretation services through instant videoing and computer literacy training for the Deaf to ensure that Deaf people become effective communicators in society.

TSLI is a team of three people, two of whom are Deaf and the third, hard of hearing.